4th Marbella
Plastic Surgery

June 20th - 22nd 2019

4th International Plastic Surgery Summer School in Marbella June 20th - 22nd 2019
  • Dr Gianluca Campiglio, Hands-on workshop MIPSS 2019
  • Dr Gabriela Casabona, Hands-on workshop MIPSS 2019
  • Dr Richard Fakin, Live Surgeon MIPSS 2019
  • Dr Juan Fontdevila, Live Surgeon MIPSS 2019
  • Dr Dominik v Lukowicz, Live Surgeon MIPSS 2019
  • Dr John Yousif, Live Surgeon MIPSS 2019
MIPSS 2019. Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School in Málaga Spain

We are pleased to announce the 4th International Plastic Surgery Summer School in Marbella!

After now already 3 successful editions, we are again looking forward to sharing knowledge with our colleagues from all over the world again. MIPSS has developed into an renown international event where Plastic Surgeons from all over the world share their honest experiences, discuss pearls and pitfalls of new techniques and contribute selected presentations within their field of expertise.

The 2018 edition was our biggest meeting so far and more than 145 attendees from all over the world coming to Marbella ensured us that our concept is very well received.

The meeting consists of two and a half-days of live-surgeries and in depth presentations in 7 scientific panels, allowing and specifically aiming for a direct and on-going exchange between faculty and attendees. To ensure the workshop character of the meeting allowing for exchange and discussion, places are limited to 150 participants. This year’s scientific program will again boast an impressive array of internationally recognized speakers covering a wide range of Plastic, Aesthetic and Transgender Surgery procedures as well as a non-surgical treatments, practice management, optimization and marketing.

2 mornings of Live Surgery performed by recognized experts and ISAPS Faculty members will show you new approaches and individual tricks for better surgical outcomes. For the second time there will be a panel on advanced injectable / non-surgical treatments and for the first time we will have an hands-on workshop on Saturday for advanced injectable training. Places for this workshop are limited to 12 participants and need to be registered separately.

The scientific sessions will take place at the H10 Andalucia Plaza Hotel. Situated conveniently in the pulsating lifestyle heart of the sun soaked “Costa del Sol”, and in walking distance to the famous yacht harbor Puerto Banús, the congress venue sets a great background to explore the surroundings and for our social program. Take a stroll through the picturesque old town of Marbella, try some tipical “tapas” with Spanish wine, visit a Flamenco session, spend some time in the famous beach clubs of Puerto Bánus and open all your senses to the feel of Mediterranean summer in Andalucia…. The pristine Mediterranean Sea, the excellent weather at that time of the year and the vibrant nightlife that characterize Marbella allow us to create a fantastic social program where all participants can network and enjoy together with their international peers.

My team and I are welcoming you in June for MIPSS 2019!


We are looking forward to seeing you all back for the 4th edition of MIPSS in 2019, June 20th - 22nd

Please register early as places are limited to 150!



Dr K O KayeDr Kai O Kaye / ESP
Dr J Benito RuizDr J Benito Ruiz / ESP
Dr G CasabonaDr Gabriela Casabona / ESP
Dr F PaprottkaDr Felix Paprottka / ESP


Dr Gianluca CampiglioDr Gianluca Campiglio / ITA
Dr John YousifDr John Yousif / USA
Dr Dominik v. LukowiczDr Dominik v. Lukowicz / GER
Dr Richard FakinDr Richard Fakin / SUI
Dr Juan FontdevilaDr Juan Fontdevila / ESP


Dr Allan A AllanDr Allan A Allan / GER
Dr Daniel SimonDr Daniel Simon / ESP
Dr Olaf FleischerDr Olaf Fleischer / GER
Dr Brianda HurtadoDr Hurtado de Mendoza / ESP
Melissa KangMelissa Kang / CAN
Dr Sonja KästnerDr Sonja Kästner / ESP
Dr V KontoesDr Vakis Kontoes / GRE
Dr Massud MarmavarDr Massud Marmavar / GER
Dr Marisa ManzanoDr Marisa Manzano / ESP
Dr Andrea MarandoDr Andrea Marando / UK
Dr Nina SchwaigerDr Nina Schwaiger / GER
Dr Tilman StaschDr Tilman Stasch / Kenya
Dr Ana TorresDr Ana Torres / ESP
Dr Ivar v. HeijningenDr Ivar v. Heijningen / BEL

Final Program MIPSS 2019

Marbella International Plastic Surgery School 2019 Day1

08:30_9:00 Registration @ Hotel H 10 Andalucía Plaza
09:00 Opening and Welcome

1. Live Surgery Session
- Moderators: K. Kaye, ESP / N. Schwaiger, GER

Live Surgery 1 - Make your necklifts last longer – The hyoid lift approach
Surgeon: J. Yousif, USA / Assistent: F. Paprottka, ESP

Live Surgery 2 - Demystifying Rhinoplasty – a simplified closed approach for beginners
Surgeon: G. Campiglio, ITA / Assistent: R. Fakin, SUI

13:00_13:45 Lunch Break @ Hotel H 10 Andalucía Plaza - Opening of afternoon sessions

Session 1 _Facelift and Facial Rejuvenation
15 min each presentation, 15 min panel discussion
Chair: J. Yousif, USA / M. Manzano, ESP

1. Update on current concepts of the anatomy of facial ageing _ J. Yousif, USA
2. Handling the SMAS successfully – current concepts _ V. Kontoes, GRE
3. Midfacelift - Technique and Indications _ N. Schwaiger, GER
4. Mastering the jawline – modulation of the mandibule in rejuvenation of the lower face _ K. Kaye, ESP
5. Adressing the lower third – Surgical options for the neck _ J. Yousif, USA
6. Structural Fat Grafting for facial rejuvenation _ A. Torres, ESP

15:30_15:45 Coffee Break

Session 2 _Eyelids, Periorbital and Forehead
15 min each presentation, 15 min panel discussion
Chair: N. Schwaiger GER / I. v. Heijningen BEL

1. Periorbital Anatomy and Ageing _ I. v. Heijningen, BEL
2. Periorbital rejuvenation techniques _ V. Kontoes, GRE
3. The difficult lower eyelid – pearls and pitfalls _ N. Schwaiger, GER
4. Ptosis correction after blepharoplasty _ A. Allan, GER
5. Malar festoons – Surgical options _ B. Hurtado de Mendoza, ESP
6. Direct excision brow lift vs. Temporal lift _ K. Kaye, ESP
7. Facial Feminization Surgery _ D. Simon, ESP

Session 3 _Non surgical facial rejuvenation
Chair: G. Casabona, ESP / B. Hurtado de Mendoza, ESP

1. Why you should integrate non invasive treatment concepts in your plastic surgery practice _ I. v. Heijningen, BEL
2. Extending and maintaining your surgical results with non- invasive treatments _ G. Casabona, ESP
3. The role of thread lifts in facial rejuvenation _ Ana Torres, ESP
4. Tips & Tricks on toxin injections - algorithms to customize your treatments _ G. Casabona, ESP
5. Combining lasers with non invasive treatments for facial rejuvenation _ V. Kontoes, GRE
6. Update on safety in fillers and toxins _ M. Manzano, ESP

19:30 - 21:00 Welcome Cocktail and Get Together at the terrace of H10 Andalucía Plaza

Marbella International Plastic Surgery School 2019 Day2

08:30_9:00 Registration @ Hotel H 10 Andalucía Plaza

2. Live Surgery Session
- Moderators: G. Campiglio, ITA / A. Torres, ESP

Live Surgery 1 - Better cleavage, no implants - Autoaugmentation Mastopexy
Surgeon: R. Fakin, SUI / Assistent: F. Paprottka, ESP

Live Surgery 2 - Labioplasty- Optimizing shape, preserving function
Surgeon: D. v. Lukowicz, GER / Assistant K. Kaye, ESP

Live Surgery 3 - More volume, no implants - Lipofilling Breast
Surgeon: J. Fontdevila, ESP

13:00_13:45 Lunch Break @ Hotel H 10 Andalucía Plaza - Opening of afternoon sessions

Session 4 _Actual Concepts in Breast Surgery
15 min each presentation, 15 min panel discussion
Chair: J. Benito Ruiz, ESP / Juan Fontdevila, ESP

1. Secondary augmentation mastopexy – The ultimate challenge _ G. Campiglio, ITA
2. Breast Augmentation: Round/Anatomical/Polyurethane/B-lite. How to navigate the jungle of choices _ A. Marando, UK
3. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Lipofilling of the Breast _ J. Fontdevila, ESP
4. Advanced Flaps for Breast Reconstruction _ M. Mamarvar, GER
5. Strategies for the correction of breast asymmetries _ M. Manzano, ESP
6. Composite Breast Augmentation _ J. Benito Ruiz, ESP
7. Update on BIA - ALCL: Where are we today? _ O. Fleischer, GER
8. Fractionated RF for the treatment of scars after breast surgery - study update _ F. Paprottka, ESP

16:00_16:30 Coffee Break

Session 5 _Actual concepts in Bodyshaping
15 min each presentation, 15 min panel discussion
Chair: T. Stasch KEN / G. Campiglio, ITA

1. Male chest enhancement and Gynecomastia _ J. Benito Ruiz, ESP
2. Gluteal Fat Grafting („Kenyan Butt Lift“) – Techniques, Tricks and Safety Aspects _ T. Stasch, KEN
3. Basic and advanced principles in arm reshaping _ G. Campiglio, ITA
4. Bodylift – actual concepts, pearls and pitfalls _ N. Schwaiger, GER
5. Abdominoplasty – When, what and why _ A. Marando, UK
6. Gender differences in abdominoplasty _ A. Allen, GER
7. Post bariatric surgery – how to minimize complications _ M. Manzano, ESP
8. Basic and advanced principles in thighplasty _ G. Campiglio, ITA

21:00 Get together @ Finca Besaya Bar
21:30 Gala Dinner @ Finca Besaya Restaurant, Dress Code : Smart Casual
23:30 Open end – Party Finca Besaya Terrace Club

Marbella International Plastic Surgery School 2019 Day3

Hands-on workshop _Injectables
Instructor: Gabriela Casabona

Places limited to 12, separate Registration needed !
Venue : Ocean Clinic Marbella

Session 6 _Genital Surgery
15 min each presentation, 15 min panel discussion
Chair: M. Mamarvar, GER / R. Fakin, SUI

1. Novel procedures in aesthetic and reconstructive genital surgery _ R. Fakin, SUI
2. Penis Enlargement – The new "BIG" thing? _ S. Kästner, ESP
3. Labioplasty and Vulva rejuvenation – Actual concepts _ D. v. Lukowicz, GER
4. Labioplasty – Complications - how to avoid and how to manage _ D. v. Lukowicz, GER
5. Female to male Transgender Surgery – Techniques and tendencies for genital adaptation _ M. Mamarvar, GER

Keynote lecture _Looking inside yourself

A female plastic surgeons view on feminine beauty and how to create it _ A. Torres, ESP

Session 7 _Business school and ISAPS panel
15 min each presentation, 10 min panel discussion
Chair: V. Kontoes, GRE / I. v. Heijningen, BEL

1. Becoming part of the ISAPS familiy _ _ V. Kontoes, GRE
2. What can ISAPS do for your private practice _ I. v. Heijningen,BEL
3. Metrics for business success _ M. Kang, CAN
4. Our experience – Tips & Tricks in building up a sucessful private multi-speciality clinic _ K. Kaye, ESP
5. What it takes to Build a High Performing Team _ M. Kang, CAN
6. Ethical controversies in building a succesful private practice _ J. Benito, ESP TBC
7. Patient reviews - Take Control _ M. Kang, CAN
8. Our experience – Tips & Tricks in building up a sucessful private practice _ T. Stasch, KEN
9. Our experience – Tips & Tricks in building up a sucessful private clinic _ I. v. Heijningen,BEL

14:00 Lunch and Adjournment of the 4th MIPSS Meeting @ Hotel Andalucía Plaza
21:00 Faculty Dinner


8:00 – 11:00 = GROUP

We believe that to master a procedure we not only have to practice but also to really understand the tools we use in great detail. From patient preparation, analysis of the anatomy to the final touch for your injection technique every detail will make a difference!
Our goal is not only to give you an algorithm of how to assess a patient’s face according to anatomical structure and proportions, but also to show how to use the fillers and toxins available in the market in a more effective way.
We will introduce you into the different types of fillers available taking into account their rheology and show you how to use toxins better by modulating dose, dilution and diffusion.
You will be able to explore different injection techniques using your preferred technique (cannula / needle) in actual patients and in face dummies to help you in making your procedures safer.
Experience the power of really understanding facial structure & contour and learn how to smoothen the transitions of the face to achieve the best version of your patients.

3. Schedule
8:00_8:45 Introduction _Safi – Systematic Approach For Injectables
8:45_9:15 Assesment Patient _Toxin And Filler
9:15_9:30 Picture
9:30_9:40 Preparation
9:40_10:10 Injection Toxin *
10:10_10:50 Injection Filler **
10:50_11:00 Questions

* Toxin injection will be done in a silicone mock model. The Patient will be assessed by the group and injected by the instructor.

** There are 3 patients per group. Each doctor will choose one of three areas for correction: Nasojugal groove, Nasolabial fold, Lips. Each doctor will inject the area of choice and for each area the doctor selected will have two syringes of different products.

Travel and Accommodation MIPSS 2019
  • Nearest airport is Malaga (AGP) with daily direct flights to most European capitals. Transfer from the Malaga Airport to the congress venue takes app. 45 min by bus or taxi.

  • All mayor car rental companies are available in the airport building for care hire.

  • Malaga is connected to the Spanish High Speed railway system (AVE) offering multiple direct daily connections with Madrid and most other bigger cities.

Hotel H 10 Andalucia Plaza**** / www.h10hotels.com
Congress Venue. Please use the web formulary available on mipss.eu/reservationform-2019.pdf or contact the hotel directly.

Double room for single use (1 adult): 200,00€
Double/twin room (2 adults): 215,00€

(Breakfast Buffet and 10% VAT included. Price per room and night. Minimum stay of 3 nights.)

Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus***** / www.granhotelguadalpin.com
Hotel in Puerto Banus, on the beach front
15 % Discount on the actual website price with promotional

Hotel El Fuerte Marbella**** / www.fuertehoteles.com
Hotel on the beach front

Hotel Amáre Marbella**** / www.amarehotels.com
Beach hotel for adults only

Alanda Hotel Marbella**** / www.alandahotelmarbella.com
Situated in Marbella´s “Golden Mile”

Senator Banús Spa Hotel***** / www.senatorbanusspahotel.com
Specially for adults

Sign Up and Register MIPSS 2019

Register here for the meeting or sign up for our mailing list here to receive updates about MIPSS 2019.

This meeting is restricted to the 4 Core Specialties defined by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

This program has been reviewed by the Educational Council and is officially Endorsed by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

The MIPSS 2019, Marbella, Spain, 20/06/2019-22/06/2019 has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME®) with 21 European CME credits (ECMEC®s). Each medical specialist should claim only those hours of credit that he/she actually spent in the educational activity.”

“Through an agreement between the Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes and the American Medical Association, physicians may convert EACCME® credits to an equivalent number of AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM. Information on the process to convert EACCME® credit to AMA credit can be found at www.ama-assn.org/education/cme/going-abroad-earn-cme-international-activities.“

“Live educational activities, occurring outside of Canada, recognised by the UEMS-EACCME® for ECMEC®s are deemed to be Accredited Group Learning Activities (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.”

Congress fee:
400,- Euro before 28.02.2019
450,- Euro 01.03.2019 – 31.05.2019
500,- Euro after 01.06.2019

The congress fees incl. welcome cocktail, breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks and congress material. Residents can apply for a discounted rate of 290 Euros before / 350 Euros after 28.02 (proof of residency needed).

Workshop Fees (workshop hands- on and limited to 12 places, restricted strictly to physicians of the 4 ISAPS Core specialities)
500 Euro before 28.02.2019
600 Euro after 28.02.2019
The workshop fee incl. injectables for guided hands-on injections and workshop material.

On the 21nd of June there will be the Congress Gala Dinner at the Finca Besaya Restaurant in the hills of Marbella, the price for the event is 95€/person, please register accompanying persons early as places are strictly limited. The dress code for this event is Smart Casual.

You can either pay with credit card by phone or doing a bank transfer to the following bank account:
Bank: Bankinter
Reference: MIPSS 2019- Your frst and last name
Iban: ES08 0128 0799 3801 0000 7181

From May 25th 2018 the regulation of UE2016/679 concerning storage and sharing of personal data (GDPR) will become applicable in all EU states. OCEAN CLINIC has always considered the handling of our clients -or interested parties- personal data as a privelege, and is dedicated to guaranteeing that this information is protected correctly, legally and transparently. To permit us to process your data according to the aforementioned GDPR ( GENERAL REGULATION for the PROTECTION of DATA) we kindly ask you to read the privacy clause and give us your consent to process your data by selecting “I Accept” or “ I Do Not Accept”. Additionally, please be assured that we will not share your information with any third party without your express authorization. Please Read…

Congress Secretary:
Ms Vanessa Garcia / Tel. 0034 951 775 518 /
Fax 0034 952 868 827






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Visit Andalucia during your stay for Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School. Andalucia loves you!

MIPSS 2017

2017 edition of MIPSS was a huge success! More than 100 participants from all over the world and an outstanding faculty contributed towards a meeting with a very high scientific level.

Andalucia loves you...

Visit Andalucia during your stay for Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School.

Andalusia Màlaga MIPSS 2018
The region of Andalusia MIPSS 2019

Axis between Europe and Africa and meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, this region has been coveted by many different cultures throughout history and prehistory.

The region of Andalusia has a surface area of 87,268 km² and represents 17.3% of Spain. It is, on its own, larger than countries like Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria or Switzerland.

The diversity of landscapes and geographical terrain gives rise to an array of environments that go from the heat of the Guadalquivir River valley through to luxuriant midmountain areas, volcanic landscapes such as the Tabernas desert, and the snow-capped peaks of Sierra Nevada.

The Guadalquivir is Andalusia’s most important river and brings life to many areas in its journey across the region. In barely forty kilometres you can go from Alpine mountain landscapes to tropical areas on the shores of the Mediterranean. The coast of Andalusia stretches for almost 900 kilometres and is home to a large number of cities, towns and beaches that are a delight to visit.

Andalusia Màlaga MIPSS 2019
Historic Andalusia MIPSS 2019

Historic cities like Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada can take you back in time and show you the impact of more than 700 years of moorish influence in Andalusia, resulting in a cultural heritage very different from the rest of Spain.

Malaga underwent a positive transformation as a city over the last 10 years, offering a vibrant night life in the heart of the old town, various internationally recognised museums and collections like the Picasso Museum, The Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection or the Centre Pompidou and a lively port home to many cultural events in the summer.

Only within 1 hour of drive from the buzzing atmosphere of the world famous beach resort Puerto Banús, our congress venue, you can wander miles of empty beaches on the Atlantic coast near the laid back Surfer´s town Tarifa or visit Ronda and the world famous white villages of Andalusia tucked away in the breathtaking beauty of the Sierra de Ronda mountain range.

The whole ensemble represents a range of attractions for tourists that goes from impressive monuments in large towns to typical small villages, which have provided a constant source of inspiration for all kinds of artists.

Don’t miss it. Andalusia loves you…

Scientifc Committee and Faculty MIPSS 2019
Scientifc Committee :

Kai Kaye, MD
Ocean Clinic Marbella
Avenida Ramon y Cajal 7
29601 Marbella, España

Jesús Benito-Ruiz MD, PhD
Anti Ageing Group Barcelona
Carrer del Dr. Carulla, 12
08017 Barcelona, España

Gabriela Casabona, MD
R. Dr Veiga Filho 350
1andar - Higienópolis, São Paulo
01229-001, Brasil

Felix Paprottka, MD
Ocean Clinic Marbella
Avenida Ramon y Cajal 7
29601 Marbella, España

Faculty :

Allan A Allan, MD
Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon
Bonner Str. 84
50389 Wesseling, Deutschland

Gianluca Campiglio, MD
Via Tranquillo Cremona, 12,
20145 Milano MI, Italia

Daniel Simon, MD
Facial Team, Marbella High Care Hospital
Ventura del Mar, 11
29660 Marbella, España

Richard Fakin, MD
Klinik für Plastische Chirurgie und Handchirurgie
Universitäts Spital Zürich
Rämistr. 100
8091 Zürich, Schweiz

Olaf Fleischer, MD
Sana Kliniken Düsseldorf
Gräulinger Str. 120
40625 Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Brianda Hurtado de Mendoza, MD
Calle Marqués de Larios, 5, 1ºizquierda,
29015 Málaga, Spain

Melissa Kang
Venus Concept
Global Marketing VP

Sonja Kästner, MD
Ocean Clinic Marbella
Avenida Ramon y Cajal 7
29601 Marbella, España

Vakis Kontoes, MD
Pericles Stavrou 13,
P. Psychiko,
11524 Athens, Greece

Massud Mamarvar, MD
Alexianer Krankenhaus Bassum
Marie-Hackfeld-Str. 6
27211 Bassum, Deutschland

Marisa Manzano, MD
Ronda del General Mitre, 84, entresuelo
Barcelona, 08021 Spain

Andrea Marando, MD
Star Clinic Manchester
244 Deansgateam
Manchester M3 4BQ, United Kingdom

Nina Schwaiger, MD
Bonner Str. 84
50389 Wesseling, Deutschland

Tilman Stasch, MD
Riverside 14
0800 Nairobi, Kenya

Ana Torres, MD
Instituto Ana Torres
C/ Mallorca 237, 2º 1ª
08008 Barcelona, España

Ivar van Heijningen, MD
AZ Zeno Hospital
Duinbergen Clinic
Knokke-Heist, Belgium

Dominic von Lukowitz, MD
Pfisterstraße 9
80331 München, Deutschland

John Yousif, MD
Clinical Professor Medical College of Wisconsin
Colombia St Mary's Hospital System
SIER Wellness MediSpa

Gallery 3rd Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summer School 2018